Quickie Pipe Tobacco Review: Capstan Gold Flake

Capstan Gold Flake tinCapstan Gold Navy Cut flake pipe tobacco is a bit of a strange bird… There’s nothing extraordinary about it, yet there’s something that keeps me going back for more.

Neither as nuanced to my palate as are some gold Virginia flakes, nor as “sweet & tangy” as others, it offers a truly middle-of-the-road smoke, but somehow it satisfies.

Opening the tin, the nice slab-of-bacon like slices offer that sweet hay aroma I enjoy. Moisture content is good, requiring little dry-time, and the slices pack and burn easily.

The charring light provides a hit of good straight Virginia tobacco flavor, and, overall, I’d say the smoke is rather full and rounded for its type with a subtle and unique flavor I can’t identify. It’s also mild to medium in nicotine.

Although I’m compelled to call this an unremarkable blend, I experience a slightly sour yet pleasant aftertaste that makes me want to load up and have another bowl — I’m just not sure it’s enough to make me load up with more tins at the premium Mac Baren is asking.

I can’t highly recommend Capstan Gold, but you certainly could do worse. You wouldn’t lose anything if you picked up a tin to give it a go, yourself.


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