Brigham Voyageur and First Test Video

Brigham Voyageur and Klondike Gold pic
My Brigham Voyageur that features Brigham’s Rock Maple filter system and a tin of Brigham’s Legend Series, Klondike Gold Virginia Flakes

Brigham Voyageur and My First Test Video on Vimeo

So I put together my first Vimeo pipe community video featuring my Brigham Voyageur rusticated straight billiard (along with my Wessex Bristol — both of which, I learned of after purchase, are manufactured by the Lorenzetti pipe company), and offer a few thoughts on value oriented tobacco pipes.

Wessex Bristol tobacco pipe pic
My “classy photo” attempt of my Wessex Bristol tobacco pipe made in Italy by Lorenzetti. IMHO, a dandy little pipe.

Give it a view and feel free to offer up your insights, constructive comments and observations…

Brigham Voyageur & the Lorenzetti Value-Priced Smoking Pipe from SoCal Pipester on Vimeo.


Here’s a couple more pictures showing pipe style examples not in the video, just for fun.

Wessex Bristol pipe examples
Wessex Bristol pipe examples


Lorenzetti Cabaret pipe sandblasted examples





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