Dark Tale of a Special Pipe Acquisition

Peterson Dracula pipe and Dunhill London MixtureThe Spooky Blood-Drenched Story of How I Came to Own Another Pipe

My latest episode of “Pipe Acquisition Disorder” began with the innocent reading of an article in Science. The video below tells the tale…


Earthquake Weather, Stoker, Blood, and Peterson… from SoCal Pipester on Vimeo.

Shopping for that perfect example of a particular pipe you’re looking for can be daunting. When it came to this Peterson, I saw immediately I wanted it in their style #69. That was easy; finding one with an acceptable random black swirl in the red stem, that took a bit more browsing.

There are — to this nerdy guy’s eye — some really cool smoky swirls in a lot of these Dracula pipes. But then, there are as well quite a few that just don’t do it for me. If I couldn’t find a swirl pattern suitable to me then I’d rather have no swirl at all.

“If there were one with just a touch of a swirl, I’d dig it.”

And there was…

I snagged it!

Now, admittedly, these are not the best quality pipes in fit and finish that Peterson makes. Heck, they’re only a bill+, but I found it to be a fun purchase, and I enjoy smoking it. I’m dedicating it to Balkans (which to me means a Latakia blend with a significant amount of Oriental leaf).

As always, I’ll keep some ‘baccy by the door for ya.



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